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BRL Web Application

Powerful Data Analysis and Searches

What is it?

The BRL Online Application is a powerful tool for extracting data from the BRL Online Maritime Database. This database has been updated by BRL for the past 30 years.

Not only does it contain the World Orderbook but details of all (non-military, non-fishing) fleet vessels of 100 DWT or more. There is also a section that contains details of contracts that are yet to be confirmed - Pending

How is it provided to users?

The application is available via annual subscription. The requirements are a PC, or device with internet connectivity and a modern browser such as FireFox, Chrome or later versions of Internet Explorer. It is secured by a login and password.

Several subscription levels are available that give access to various capabilities of the system. These are described in the BRL Services section on the Home page.

Main Features

The application's full capability is available via the internet, it is easy to use and it has an attractive and intuitive user interface.

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