BRL is an established and respected supplier of essential maritime data, reports and consultancy.

Continual investment in information technologies has kept BRL in the vanguard of maritime data services. Our reputation is for providing insightful and leading marine intelligence that enables our customers to make informed market decisions.

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About BRL Established 1984

Why BRL?

With more than thirty years of experience in the marine research and data sector, BRL can help with your maritime industry research, saving both time and expense.

Extensive Product and Services

We offer custom and off-the-shelf solutions. A number of our customers take regular data feeds in a format that is matched to their I.T. systems. For others, our standard packages are more than adequate. Data is typically provided using the industry-standard XML or CSV file formats.

Real-Time Querying, Analysis and Visualisation

With the BRL online web-application you can filter data (e.g. list all european-owned tankers built in Japan with DWT >= 167000) and with some subscriptions you can crosstabulate data using the BRL Online Analysis Tool (similar to the Pivot feature in spreadsheets). This gives more detail and can show, for example, a grid with the count of tankers and their total or average deadweight for all countries in the far east, with breakdown by tanker type. Built-in graphics also allows such results to be visualised as pie, ring or bar charts. These crosstabulations and charts can be used to enhance your reports.


BRL is often invited to present market analyses at conferences and it is here that we also get a chance to talk face-to-face with existing and potential clients; a number of BRL's subscribers were first met at conferences.

Market Reports

In addition to the regular weekly and monthly newsletters, BRL occasionally produces insightful market-sector reports. Some of these are made available to our subscribers to download as PDF documents.